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One day, after spinning my wheels for hours on the phone with insurance companies, on hold, speaking with someone who clearly wasn't qualified to answer my questions and working around-the-clock just to stay behind in my work, I decided, there must be a better way. I've done the research for you and now it's your turn to find there IS a better, faster, legal way to get PAID NOW, NOT TOMORROW, NOW!

With over sixteen years as a medical biller, practice consultant and accounts receivables specialist, my collections system is effects, focused, and proven with a satisfaction guarantee. I've already helped hundreds of physicians nationwide increase their revenue and decrease their costs; meanwhile, transforming their entire collections process to enjoy huge rewards.

Currenty, I'm the sole biller for two physicians in Los Angeles. I'm a part-time teacher and a full-time biller. I promise staying current in the medical collections industry is my mission. I don't teach what I don't practice.

While so many of our physician colleagues are forced to close their doors, I'm offering you the advantage you need to stay open. Ask yourself... are you making enough money? If the answer is no... register today, you can't afford not to.